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First Flight? Hell No

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 2:45 AM
First Flight ? Hell No !!

“Hey come on, this is not my First Flight” that attitude comes with some repercussions. Done with receiving boarding pass, security checks and I’m all good. Just gotta munch my breakfast and step on that Indigo flight, look across the “Indescribably beautiful” airhostess, nod my head in unison with theirs, Pop that unwarranted smile and go plug myself to the middle seat and then leave way for the gentle man or woman who was lucky enough to secure that window seat. And stay stuck to that seat another twenty minutes until the flight takes off.

Now where is the repercussion? It’s post security check, instead of putting myself into the plane like a good god baby, I start loitering around like a tumultuous teen.

“What are you? A voracious reader? You can stand a minute without a novel or something? Still you slip into the Bookstore out there, roll your eyes over all the genre, wonder how that writer got his next book, wonder why some books are still on rack, and why the man next to me chooses that particular book…. wonder of all the permutation and combination and slowly evade the place coz you never came here to buy in the first place and cos your stomach hurts out of starving itself of breakfast and you! you bloody damn didn’t check your watch. Coz? coz, you are cool, Coz you know, Coz, yea, this is not your first flight!

“Rice Bowl with Chicken strips please!”

“And no Pepsi okay?”

You order and gently place yourself to a comfortable corner where the rays of sun could pave ways for obliterating the unsolicited coldness you gonna sooth then. And then you walk past all the lovely ladies and handsome guys stick around some work with their laptops and get back with your hot ready to eat chicken. Munch it piece by piece – first a piece, then a spoon of rice. And the algorithm repeats until bowl is empty. And then you witness couple of co-joiners texting in big WhatsApp group that they have already boarded. But don’t give a single damn, coz you know, ahh, yeah…that!

Post letting all the chicken slip their way down the throat to the stomach, you check the message that reads “Boarding Gate 3 closes 25 mins prior to scheduled time”. That 25 mins which you thought belongs to some far off land as you enjoyed your whole meal and sauntered your way back to boarding gate which widely read “BOARDING CLOSED”

Your Heart throngs like that of a patient who just had chronic heartache.

Holy!!!! Goddamn!! What the hell!! What! How! No Way!! I can’t let this happen! I can’t miss a plane over a few chicken strips I hardly enjoyed.

What now? What’s the flight departure time? 8.50 am. And although I’m good enough with math, under the panic attack, even 50-25 wouldn’t come to mind. Is it 40? 30? alright let’s keep 20?? Ran to every guard my eyes could catch, you know my flight is supposed to leave at 8.50, but, but they have closed the boarding gate already. Please do something. (Just like a patient says to a doctor over his sick brother)

After running through a quarter dozen guard, one gets smart enough to get your boarding pass, check it, and then say those words you so badly wanna hear – “Mam, chill, you are looking at the wrong Gate. Yours is Gate 2”

Holy God!! Screw the team that misinformed over text.  You don’t even wait to say him a thanks. Rushed to Gate 2. Found a Pretty woman waiting for last minute passengers like you.

“Hello mam, Are you looking for Indigo Chennai to Mumbai?”

“Huh Yea!!!!”

And I gasped my final sigh!

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