Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First Hi From the City Of Dreams !

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        The chirping of birds woke me up that morning. This time I didn’t roll around, look up or pull my sheets back again to sleep. I rather opened my eyes, and pushed my sheets, and marched straight fast to kitchen, to make some Chaai for myself. Take some minutes, get refreshed and have that Chaai like King has potion, royally on that sofa. Unfortunately you don’t walk around or look for breeze in a tightly shut room, where two people can’t walk at the same time.

It doesn’t matter what time you wake up, you always reach late to class, and if by any chance you get 2 or 3 mins early, you should expect real monsoon that day.

Can’t really be surprised that I was late to the very first lecture itself. Financial Accounting – Assets, Liabilities , Equity, etc etc. Thanks to the Harvard modules , NMIMS shared with us, Else we would be left like aliens in unknown world.

The class was still going and people were getting introduced to each other. It felt so great to be school again. After so very long. After this long years, it felt amazing to be a student, though we all are always students in life.

So many young minds, boys and girls, lil ones, it felt amazing to get to know a lot that day. To my luck, there were few Tamilians also in the class.

You can laugh to anyone, but you can cry only to a Tamilian. (At least that is my perception). Not that I’m stereotyping, I met some of the wonderful people of the planet on the other side of India.

Delhites , UP, Mumbaikars, they just broke the “Typical tags” people had for them. Each one with wonderful qualities. For moments I felt so proud being associated with them.

Everyone has a story to them, people who had to leave home for dreams, people who had to leave their bed ridden fathers, lil guys who broke up with their GFs and came with broken hearts. I met every sort. I met all sort. Women of Dreams, Feminist kinds, Silent ones, Rebellious ones, Responsible ones, intellectual ones, Extremely kind, Too-matured=for-the-age ones. And I was proud of each one of them. The kind of qualities you see in each is astounding.

For moment I looked up to God , and wondered “What have you bestowed me with!!”

The days of marketing Case Studies , CSR Group Presentations , Oral Communication Public Speaking sessions , "The" Committees , Councils , made us learn a lot about each other , each only brought us all closer and closer .

And the whole "H" Division is a family now .

Be it the moments when people come late to class, peep their heads to get in, moments of first row DCPs, Last row laptop works, sneaky peaky snack eating moments and the sleepyhead times, surprise test instances, the 'I-Dunno-what-the-hell' is going on times, Harvard instances, Break times ,the ‘helping-each-other-moments’ etc.

We have lot of stories to tell you !
And this is just the start!

Wait and Watch this space, As I’m gonna fill you with more and more of Mumbai vadapav with NMIMS stuffed in it.

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