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Love Marriage Vs. Arranged Marriage

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It sounds like Coffee Vs CoolDrink for me...
Each tastes good for the soul having it..
in the way they see it and in the way they treat it ....
But what is my choice is  the question to be answered here....
It's the puzzle to be riddled out from the words juxtaposed below.....

Keep the soul cool,
and skin hot...
To live the life to fullest.........

I'm not against it.., !!
Neither I fell head over heels for some lad out here !!

Shadi is like a sweet ,
"Making a love marriage is like making a sweet with sugar,
And Making an Arranged marriage is like making it with sweetos.."
The path , and  way of making might differ...
But Still the destiny is the same....

The root of life is the birth of souls,
the branches are the path they are taking thro' their tough life , and the
leaves are the character they obtain thro' upbringing....
And love ,
is smthing you cant point out .......
from nadir till zenith,
love takes  a form that one cant perceive through real eyes,
Cant see until you live as one..
until you fall in that beautiful muddy mire of love....

Until you propose or accept someone's proposal.....
You wont know what it means....

" Love "
Just a 4 letter word,
that expects a 3 letter reply Y-E-S
To make the dreams of 2,
appear as 1 !!

" Arranged "
It's not what you take ,
it is how you make it,
that matters the most ...

Marriage  the customary thing that is happening since the evolution of human being ,if im not wrong. The only thing that does't change when the rest of the world changes....
Celebration of diwali is reducing day by day,
A festival called pongal is vanishing without the point of  origin...
and something called "aadi 18" which is/was famous in my city is not even in tamil dictionary  now..

Ooooohhhh !!!
When I take facts and philosophies into my mind, I'd always opt for "Arranged marriage"..
But when t comes to real life...
When it comes to actual living,..
I'd ever ever ever go for " लव मैरेज "
It is not the bliss of those who is attending your marriage ,
It is all the soul the ties that knot and the one that accepts it ,that matters!!!

After all , it's you who gonna live tat life...
its not the minute when every one in your clan cluster throw the 'atchathai' onto your head as s sign of blessing, .....that counts
But that entire LIFE SPAN you gonna spend life as "Married couple"... that really matters !!

Happiness is not after serving a square meals,
or a videography with beautiful reels,....

But the life that stands steel,
despite a million crushes under wheel,

Take birth like ungerminated seed,
Live life like you ll die tomorrow,
But act like you never know it's coming...

Once u r married, you are ever one,
Make it once
but meaningful,

"Losing the right to choose your partner
is like losing the right to live ua life..."

Take ua life
And Make it with the one you love !!!

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  1. loved this one the most
    Love "
    Just a 4 letter word,
    that expects a 3 letter reply Y-E-S
    and to make the dreams of 2,
    appear as 1 !!

    " Arranged "
    It's not what you take ,
    it is how you make it,
    that matters the most ...

    very well written

    1. @Indian Satire : Thanks a lot for your comments dude :)

  2. nice post :) all the best!!

    have a look at this one too when you get time and do promoteit on indiblogger if you like it :)

    1. Thanks Saurabh....Sure will check that

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)
    This one is definitely one to ponder upon but I'd choose Love marriage. :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. hahaaa :) :) Ya perceptions differ :)

  4. Nice Article. You have clearly stated the life of love and Arranged Marriage.

    Good luck. :)

  5. Great Post my friend. I loved reading your article. Even i loved the poem which have stated love and marriage on their own way.

    Shaadi | Vivah | Marriage

  6. Good one, you impressed well by your expression :)

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