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Posted By: Nivedhitha - 12:43 AM

 Her unkempt hair swayed in air & touched his fragile face.
He smelled it deep.It wasn't malodorous.
Her scent fascinated him like a flora tingling bees.
He felt like falling straight at her knees.
Irrevocably his conscience jostled him back . 
Like a pendulum striking the clock, his conscience struck his heart reminding him of his worthy value.
He thought for a moment if he could come out of that.
 An Egoistic voice inside him prompted," Man, You deserve a lot more.Don go behind her"
 A desperate voice mused," Hard , to face her !"
Another voice  ,"Give a try"
Another voic..."....." 
Before another voice could take the chance ,
He shut the doors of those fusillading voices, And listened to his heart that made him fall ...
Deeply sleeping craziness throttled his hesitant heart so much that he vacillated a lot between diplomacy  and proclivity.

 In no moment he was at her feet, with a red rose in hands corroborating his love,,
He didn't utter a word or two.But before a eye wink, the rose was flaunted by 2hands...
It was him and her.. 
Its because  
She found the love in his eyes..
So she thought,
 Before it dies..
Let me make blissful cries :) :)
and make his heart 
my place to reside !!!
Yea, Love is nice ...
& has no demise 
Let me make blissful cries :) :)
and make his heart 
my place to reside !!!

About Nivedhitha

Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


  1. Like a romantic poem and short story at the same time, exellent! Welcome to GYBF!


  2. Wow u seem to be a poet........

  3. lovely to read :)))
    well done

  4. @mr.mattias : thanks for the comment.. Glad you liked it :-)

  5. @Rishi and mohsin . . Thanks:-) First time i've taken this scenario:-) happy it worked:-)
    @zahid: i like makin poetic posts:-) read the other posts of the blog .you'll like em dude. .

  6. A lovely narrative poem with a happy ending. Did they live happily ever after?
    ~ Debra

  7. lovely poem should kill more time like this hehehe.....good luck ...write more

  8. As i told yo ... yur writin is simply superb..... I like it .......

  9. @bhavna I like your comment:-) sure,, let me kill time in this way:-)

  10. @debra
    this is a imaginative write up!!! Where you've to assume the climax... :-)

  11. nive.. too good... didn't expect such a language proficiency from u.... keep going girl...

  12. @Praveena : Thanks da :)
    keep Supporting

  13. Lovely poem Nivedhitha...liked it....nice blog too.
    When The Heart Speaks

  14. what a excellent cool stuff....I really like it...

  15. Hey feeling gr8 n proud to see all this frm you...awesome work.....congrats n keep going :)

  16. @abishek,srikandan,harish :
    Thanks for your appreciation and the support !
    Keep watching the space to know more !!


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