Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Posted By: Nivedhitha - 6:39 AM
Awesome Apti Class At Out Insti ' :):) -->>
Beautiful place that any1 cud gaze :-)
Ths must be the day no CSian wud ever forget in ther life,,Damn!!!The day is ful of confusing apti and weird answers that it deserves,,the sad luks at my buddies face,,reflecting their inner voices-EKSI!! and the so called feedbk that they usually collect aftr sm monotonous presentations[ awsme presn at times]!!
&sm wer Got red handed while returning the feedback for some of therr sarcastic cmnts !!Day went so cool !Listened thro'out ,,but gained nothing!!Glancing our mobile for every half-an-hour!!Vacillating across the corridors @5mins break!!Running helter and scelter during our lunch just to submit the so called Assignment to which sara strictly binds itself till date!The Assignment which is possibly or probably called student's Research in miniature--possesses lottta Pit falls and parapraxis:):)The Brittle hair that was waving along ,,,in the sultry air,,sometimes shielding r eyes from viewing "Unwanted ppl".The hot air mixed with sand that wavered across,,,all the sides of sara and contorted our faces like anything ,,,,was tooo forceful&Strong to push us to the same old canteen that is the repository of all Indian Bees i'd say:):)The hot bajjis Dipped and drenched in tasteless mixture of Sambar&Chutney is our usual junk there!! mmm:-) this is the beauty of our singapore-panjappur ;-) and still we have a lot more to ramble here:-):-):-)

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