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Earning , yet Yearning

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 8:16 AM

This poem got published in Infosys Magazine - "Anukriti"

An empty lane
An empty game..
I just walk like
-another sane.

Even stars are missing out at night
escaping every moment from my sight..
Flowers are mesmerizing
but not more than you...
Trees are mollycoddling ....
But not as you do.....
24X7 Food courts ,
Serving me with,
-Delicious dosas
-Mouth-watering melon juices..&
-Sumptuous Salads....
Yet , I miss those Spicy foods, and hot egg curries, you made and spoon fed me...”Once”

I tap my head
and cough like hell
when I pour out extreme hot coffees straight to my mouth..
&get  myself hurt..

Yet, I walk with a smile towards my bay,
reminding myself of those sweet days
where, you made hot idlies ,
with your feathery hand,&
and fed me,
after carefully pooh pooh-ing them.
And when I asked , ”Mom, Why you are pooh pooh ing  it???”
You smiled back and said , ”Else the heat will hurt you dear!!”

That’s how, my life went.…”Once”
Even a single grain meant a lot,
when it was from you,,,
Now, I’m living this fake life
yearning for real pleasure,,
yearning for a place near you...!!!

Awesome ambience with mellifluous air chilling me out , ...
But still I yearn for that lovely little home
filled with  love, affection, and bliss.

This is an empty game
searching for an empty fame

I wander here
I wander there
Having no clue of my next move

Just a smile, And all pain was gone...
You were just standing next to me
Caring me
Caressing me... &
Cuddling me...
I was reaching out for your hands...
for every tussle...
Of my life...

Now,I'm suffering
The pangs of separation...
All alone..
I dont have you near
Neither, I have a word to hear
from you at rear

Just like a mouse in maze...
I'm lost in this lonely place
And longing for your lovely gaze,
I’m sure…
Happiness will come only when I see your face..

I miss you…
My dear mom....
& Lovely dad…

I smile
Tears well up every night..
Thinking of you, my sweet delight…!!
I miss you !!

Of all these,
there's something else..
I miss
and yearn for
Programming is a new guest
But, Poetry is my zest
that cherishes like fest
Every time i open notepad to code
my hands type "Days ago, I Lived like..."… *blah blah*
And with a tiny smile..
I undo everything
And get back to my coding job….

I wished i could include my memories and stitch it with all my love ...
But including header files.........has become a task hardly I Love ,over here !

Never I dreamt I'd sit till eleven, just to write comments for C program
For , once
Commenting in facebook , alone was my sole job .....

An empty dream..
An empty game..
I hold myself inside this world
For a long than I could stay

I wonder how
I wonder why
I am here!!!
Although, I knew it’s my new stage
Reaching out for corporate life!!!
My life...
Everywhere I go, I just keep reminding of one thing
The days I had...
The moments I Cherished..
With my family and clan...
“Every Diwali,
Every Pooja holidays,&
Every New Year
I had with them.. Once”

Profession eats my entire time
That  scarcely I could find time
for my passion
I miss my blogging habit
I miss my jotting in jiffy

Programming for Pay...
Poetry for my permanent stay...
As, It vanquishes my pangs every day…
All that I wanna say..
Is that --
I miss everything I had “once”...
I wonder how ......
I wonder why.......
I am here.......
Yet,I’m living this fake life of mine…
And loving the old past that shines

Should I smile..” I’m Earning “
Or Simper -…. “ I’m Yearning”!!!

About Nivedhitha

Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


  1. Lovely :) this is the feeling of many corporates nwadays and u r the one to put in sme beautiful words :) heart says: leave t n live for ur passion..... mind says: u don have any choice!!! finally man is confused n hurt


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