Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's (not) time to kote

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 1:10 PM

* If everytime beauty grows along with love , half the world will stay
 Pathetically ugly  !!!

* Life gets no meaning

  until you become the reason for someone's smile

* 50% of your life goes in loving a wrong person

  & the rest goes by regretting for it!!

* It costs one heart , to get another heart

  thats'y being loved by your beloved

  is said to be the best gift of all.

*Nothing is pre-written

 Neither it could be re-written

* Words flow like water falls for two ppl.

  1. Drunk
  2. Drowned

  one who is drowned in mire of love.....(

* Hate me for what i am ..
  Love me for what i am...

  I'm happy with both!!

  Cos I'm still myself... &
  u live 'em thyself !!

*Quotes are never framed,

  they are just formed,

  from one's own experience !

*Just cos i smile , doesn't mean i'm happy.....

 Just cos i write , doesn't mean u have c them from my shoes...



Bidding Good Bye

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