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Bliss of Being Together on a Birthday

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Seriously I have no clue of from where to start and how to start??
Should I start from the day one where I met my school mate 'vantana' after 5 long years or from the messy lunch I had with her and her fella' hostel mates a day before my birthday  or should I tell about our cool hangouts to ponmudi and meenmutty falls on Sep 16.
Each of them was enjoyable and Each of them had a beauty of their own.

That night on my bday I was in her hostel
It seemed like it was just yesterday I stepped out of my 12th std school bidding vantana and gang a big bye celebrating the end of public examinations
. But things have changed a lot....They have changed in a pace faster than one could ever imagine. and that's how, now i'm in her hostel , sitting as a Infoscion , smiling at her TCS tag.....
From Schools tags till noon lunches everthing was same for us...,
But now???

Tags vary... Companies vary...Platforms vary...
God !! Give me a moment!
Give me a moment to realise, time is moving .
Moving like clouds ..Moving like dust stuck in ferrocious wind
I find it sluggish.... As it makes me one !!

5mins ago....
"Ok...Ok....Straight , then left...Yea, opposite to that temple...."
"1min ...hold on...hold on..Lemme note it"

I got the way for her hostel as i took them in my notepad. I walked towards her place as it was just a mile from my house. The doors were wide open.
I went inside to check if souls ramble outside atleast to guide me to her room...
There was no one... Except for the shut doors from which few voices came out...
I knocked out to see
who is in.....
Damn sure, it's not vantu...her voice is not that bad.... Ofcourse she is the one who sings in our school prayers..... Brahmins are good singers. And , She comes under the intersection part ...
Two gals looking alike peeped their face out , checking for the idiot who disturbed their noon
 "Uhh, Hey it's me...Can I see vantana? ", I asked hesitantly for I could see the grudge on their faces.
he annoyed grimaces came out of their 32 year old wrinkles.They were too old to stand for some more time. I wondered if the hostel accomadates only trainees for I  remember vantana mentioning , she is staying a place, wherein company accomadates trainees for their initial 3 months.
The girls looked each others face and one of them, with curly hairs lifted her finger upwards. I understood she is pointing to the floor above.I wondered if
this gal had some bad toothache or something to open her mouth and tell..
With an unserious gaze , I left their place and climbed up the stairs .....skipping the intermediate ones , for I
really cant wait .....cant wait for the next moment to see my buddy's face...
A stream of closed doors uninvited me to the place...
I found all doors shut , as i walked through that narrow lane, i found a pinky pinky bathroom sandal.. and a BarOne cover thrown out...
No more seconds needed to guess that tis is the mad female i came to searching for....
I know ever since school times, she & me were damn crazy about 2things. .
Pink color and Bar choclates...especially BarOne which was famous at that time..
With a uncontrollable joy and utmost excitation,, my hands went to knock..
"Lemme see what madam is doing..." I mused
and gently opened the door ensuring noises doesn't make her aware of the stranger entered ..
As I got into her room , the smell of schezwan noodles and masala

kulcha tempted me like hell.....
"ummm...My god...that's literally ennervating"..
Which one to go behind first??
Friend aa ??? Food aa???
Both were exciting and entrapping.....
But, remember I came for the former....!!!
I closed my eyes for a moment...... and moved a step ahead.....the hostel room was as messy as mine....  The water droplets from the bathing room stopped and i heard the door's opening sound........I stood agape, throwing everything in hand ... And smiled.....


Seeing a cute girl with bar one in hand......


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