Friday, November 30, 2012

Shadi ke baad zindagi

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 2:35 AM

Quirk plans , squeezed minds, unplanned moments…Life is as excited as rolling downhill towards an unknown destination. Be it the tickets that we took at last minute, keeping a close friend on hold, or the browny browny flavored dosas that we had with so much of urge, or the heavenly rain that drenched us to death……
Everything was so much fun when spent with friends , when spent with cool minded souls…..

I missed my best buddies while leaving mysore .. No wonder yu forget things , yu forget pains  when yu have a beautiful gang like this...
This chum cluster even though is temporary….even though is a seasonal thing,.. keeps me delighted . & keeps me in mirth….. and so my life in ecstasy
What else one might need on a dreary Saturday morning or a monotonous Sunday evening….
A Cool hangout, A small chat with friend ,or a casual talk over phone….is damn enough to make you forget pains….

- is as pleasing as listening to your favorite song aloof…..
& as enthralling  as dancing on the top floor with your pretty pals when is pouring cats & dogs....

I just wonder if things would be the same after 2 years…… if life would be the same when I look back after months…..
Wonder if these friends will stay ,,,
Wonder if we’d rollick in the same way we do now…..

May be we’ll meet again…..after years, after decades and might see each other but with different skins & in  different shoes….. !!!
Life might change by that time…
and so their meaning !
Shoulders that carried fast track bags might then be carrying ‘r children’s school bags,,
Hands that were tattooed & designed will then be just wearing traditional  bangles  & matrices….
Jeans will become Sarees
Free Hair will become well-tied  plot…..
Pizzas will become 'Paruppu Vada'

Where machi turns madam
& “aao pagal” turns “aaiye ji”…..

Things will turn even more formal…and so ppl when met after long time,,,,
Tho ,”Shadi ke baad zindagi  !!!” ye hai …humara sawal….
(So , life after marriage is our question)

Life may change after marriage , it may be as spontaneous as a race car travelling in NH road ,
or as short spanned as a lifeless bee sitting on icecream stand….

Whatsoever it is ,
It is the most undeniable thing….
It the most unpredictable thing…..
“Na Meetha , Na Khatta “
Yahi zindagi hai…

Not sure what is in stock for tomorrow !!
Not cared of what  pricked Yesterday !!
Kick off the present with the best of your buddies…
With those craziest friends !!!!!
With so much of sapien happiness !!
with so much of deadening zest !!
Think not life is small,
when we can make it really big!!


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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


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