Pre-Marital Sex Y or N

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It was very weird on my part to write about such topics , yet I appreciate cos it’s my first attempt on these rarely-taken-topics for a contest conducted by Indiblogger team -“Yes or No to Pre-marital Sex”  for the book “A Passionate Gospel of True Love “ by Poonam Uppal. Many Congrats Poonam :)


The gloomy weather backed her up. Jessica, the journalist @ Seattle . She was desperately waiting for that day.
To meet Tyler , the hottest guy in her work place. Any girl would want to get to him , the hot cake !
She dragged him to the dark walls near their party area and gasped in ambivalence. Her heat beats were in sync with her panting breath . Her excitation was at peak. 
Her extremely gorgeous shiny black dress spiced up her look and it didn't fail to grab Tyler's  attention . He looked up to her and raised up his brows  with surprise - " What ??!!" ,  with a tiny smile at the edges of his lips.
His Smile drove her crazy. And she couldn't resist anymore. 

You know. Tonight we are doing this ? Okay ? No matter what , We are gonna .....

She popped -"Can we? " with excited eyes !!!
Incessantly he replied - "Yea, Yeaaa..... " with his soothing hands caressing her.
Her hearts pumped with joy
And his with butterflies.
She presented  him a box.
It had one…, just one….
What??? He shrugged.
I need you to wear this , when you are with me !
But just….?
Sssshhh !!! Ssshhhh ! she shushed him and continued.
I wanted to give you this for long time!
But .... I just thought ..I thought you might not be ready for this …
“Yeah, You know what? I was !….. I was not ready”. He stretched.
“But I kinda guess I’m ready now !! “ he grinned till ears and pulled her over.
I know…… 
:) It’s time, It’s high time – she smiled and kissed over him .
He kept the box aside, and brought her close.
Looked deep into her eyes and whispered in her ears – “ I know, I wanted it tooo” , and kissed her back again.
She blushed with her eyes curved
:) and He opened up the box.:)
A Beautiful ring Awaited :)

I’m here not to make a point on whether I would give a Y or N to Pre-Marital Sex .
Or whether I'd give a +1 or -1 for it !
It’s Just This stuff-
(S)he who wants it, would have read the above excerpt in one way
And (S)he who is against it , would have read it in a completely different way , with total alacrity.
I fall in the latter and I got you here in trap , the former :-D

Sex is not just union of body, Had it been just that ,
- we don’t need marriages, We just need red light houses
- We don’t need wives, We just need whores.

Cos’ It’s not just above Sex, It’s much more than that.

It’s fusion of  soul, love, few unmentioned feelings  carried from past , that makes it a perfect bonding :)
  And thats’y it’s termed making love :-D

And Sex is not just about those explicit pains and implicit pleasures. It’s about whole new life you bring to this earth.

Trust Me, Sex is for making a family ,
And Not for a Few Minute Fun .

It’s for telling your wife , how much you love her  :)

Not for signaling your girl-friend – you gonna ditch her soon!

It’s for letting out your love,
Not for getting out your frustration….

And That’s’y it deserves a special time :)

And that’s’y we all quote - It’s worth a wait 
And I would ever corroborate the fact that -
Sex is just processing period for the ten months to bring a beautiful life to this earth and it’s exactly meant to be after marriage :) :) 

“Wait for the worthwhile time,”
Save your precious gift ,
Coz , Someone worthy is waiting for you :)

Kiss your man, Hug him all over, and do whatever, coz he is your man and you are all his'
But wait till the strings knot you :)
Coz surprises are meant to be kept safe :)
And you are one GODDAM surprise !


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