Thursday, October 6, 2016

The New Infanticide

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 6:44 AM
Following a morning debate with few folks on - why women don’t make it to top positions in the country, this thought crept the inundated mind:
The very reason why women don’t’ make it to top position is not because they are not talented. We all know very much how women stand ahead of men in education.
Women don’t make it to top because they are tied and pulled to a smaller society by a medium called marriage.
Their Society is limited to 3-4 people. Their thinking power is restricted. They are made to think for welfare of the family , than for the welfare of society or country at large.
Their wings are still present but are cut off virtually by the commitments.
If every women is allowed to be who she wants to be and is liberated from her “Restricted Self” , the world will have many women leaders . They will equally compete with Men!
Tying women to homes is not slavery, Restricting their potential itself is one.
So , next time before you ask someone why women don’t make it to top, ask yourselves , “ Am  I letting them ?”
“Killing A Women’s Dreams Is Tantamount To Female Infanticide”

Disclaimer : Just because I post something doesn’t mean I’m completely going through it. They are my views upon the things I encounter;) Share this article if you like it J

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