Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ripping off.... LONELINESS

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 8:26 PM
After a long time ,I Was preparing for CAT exam, Sitting cross-legged in a bed where the rest of my family members were deeply sleeping with the eyes squinting reflecting their dreamy state.
The Usual Cotton bed-spread appeared more cluttered or rather scrambled as I had to kick them off whenever I Fight with some intricate question..
Despite,that Lonely state of mine,
With the song , " Mr.Lonely" dumping my ears
                                         & depicting my state
I was looking all around to find a living creature to shatter my loneliness off , but in vain.
                     Can't Believe that I can pursue a long ramble with the lizard partially sticking to the deadly wall....Nor the ants, embodying Unity !!!Yet, I was Chasing around to find ONE...There was a text peeping in my mobile from a friend at half a mile, Updating his ecstastic state with chums in some bday party.. & Candidly , that provoked me even more...
                       Hurling my CAT books , .....That was my mind that suggested me
                           a NON LIVING thing that kud keep me LIVING!
                                        I Stopped Musing
                                       Stooped to the other room
                                       Caught my pen
                                       Sat in my den
                                       And that was supposed
                                       to be a ready made pill...
                                       Ripping Off My Lonelines !
                                        &  That's. . . . . . .
                                       "W R I T I N G"

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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


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