Monday, June 6, 2011


Posted By: Nivedhitha - 7:44 PM

Days are very fragile
& so is my soul
Refraining from goal..
Spirits are too low
&so my pace is slow
Nights have become long..
& I'm stretching along..
Laziness pricks me often..
Madness makes me go off..
Murmured and muttered for
quite a few days...
Stuttered and stammered
when path to destiny was broken
Rambled and Ambled
thinking about the pathetic state of mine
Wondered if ..
Lost of identity is the
Unrecoverable loss of all..
I ran down my gall,
to find if character fall
is the worst of all..
With hands in my cheeks
I sat like a doll..
& mused to my God
" Let sorrows erode
& optimism provoke..!!
Where May ends...
Let June
Give me a room.....
for happiness,mirth and glee
Letting me flee
like a bird set free.." ;-)

About Nivedhitha

Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


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