Thursday, June 9, 2011


Posted By: Nivedhitha - 5:02 AM

I'm sitting alone in this balcony,
with no one near,to accompany !!
I'm sitting here, to find the mystery,
with no one sauntering in my street!!
All that I could see..
Is that heavy Cloud..
Jarring aloud ..& Moving so proud !!
I'm seeing around ....seeing those kids..
dancing around...
I'm glad on seeing ..the new guest of me!!
Its flowing hard..touching my skin like a dot...
Its turning..
Turning left...
Turning right....
Swirling all around like a little kite...
I'd like to go out,,
&drop like that dot...
Before which I Met the worst of all !!
I wondered how ,
In nanosecond ,
The weather went whimsical....!!
I wondered how,
the sun rays came
tearing off my dense cloud !!
And making me becloud!!
We stood agape...
like a lonely grape...
Winking and wincing like a star in sky
Will another day come ??
Where I'll dance spirit fully in that muddy rain..
Will another day come..??
Where we all would sing in the rain...!!
Its the bliss
that I Miss
So, let the rain give a kiss
to all those kids
standing in Mist !!

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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


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