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It's Not Just a Day

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The newly bought salwar kameez , was as white as that dress that comes in tide advertisement.
I appeared in front of mirror , and checked if it’s neat for the 8th time .
It was just 7 o clock, everyone in home was quite amazed on seeing me , get ready that early that day
I took the scooty that I had washed for the first time , outside my house ,and carefully closed the compound gates with one hand . As I pressed the kick start button , it flied to the nearby bus stop and there , my college bus , painted in yellow color with one liner written on its top “ THINK BIG ”
stood waiting .
as I went towards it , I took me along with fellow mates ….  Like a vacuum cleaner sucking dust…
For first time , I kept myself away from window seat for some specific reasons . The bus had a m√©lange of ppl . First years  , sophomores  and final year students like me…
The latter alone kept themselves busy , dumping their heads onto some aptitude books , and glancing up on the GRE barrons….
Their face had a seriousness , fear and commotion sustained in every cell of their soul …
I had no clue of why I had neither tension nor seriousness clinging to my heart…
In 45 mins , I reached the so called destiny…..
My college gates were wide opened as if they are welcoming some chief minister’s ambassador car….
I got down the bus and there, found a big crowd in front of  that auditorium,

Hey, what’s volume of frustum ?
Dude, you got the answer for my puzzle?
Hey is x+3y one…?
Buddy , ye hai study material …. Revise it…
Spot error….
Readin compre’s…
Blah blah….
 I heard every possible tech word I dont wanna hear…that day….
D-Day of my life ….

I closed my eyes for a moment and sighed..  “Que sera sera !”
Before I opened my eyes lids off my eyes , I heard the peon ringing the bell ., 

Question paper in my hand . We were all screwed up . after  seeing the question paper , we started seeing each others faces. Every face resembled the same feeling..
”Vada Pochu”
“ Let’s forget infy “ 
The paper was damn tough . None could touch .
I closed my pens and kept my hands on head .
 Everyone behind me followed the same..
We had no clue of what we gonna do .
My friend sitting in next bench was smiling seeing the question paper.
For a moment I thought she has gone mad seeing the complexity of paper…
But actually she was playing .
that was a cube sum , ppl are supposed to find the color of cube inside out , by solving technically.
every question seemed like it was made for an IIT-ian .
She , my dear friend was ticking the questions just like that , and finished in nanoseconds…
“Geek re….!!”  I smiled at her…
“ Hehe “  she blushed….
I was seeing the watch , all the time and was intriguing the supervisor…
sir , time kya hai?
How much time left out ?
and was making my final , last attempt to win the show .
I closed my eyes and kept my hands firm.
“Dude , You gonna do this ..”
Life or death !!! Choose it”
I started from no.1 of non verbals .
Crossed questions , one by one and finally made a not-so-decent finish  !
I wished for the last time , I must click it .
The exam was over . (partially)
For , we had another session . Without a 5min break , we had the so-called-verbal test.
The papers were distributed !!
“Awwww! “ One student screamed in first bench ..
supervisors hurried to him …
“What happened??? “He asked…
“Na…Nothing happened..I’m fine “ he shut his mouth with his left hand and looked at the supervisor with his  puppy face  ….
Only we knew why he screamed !!
Verbal ! We lost all hopes of life seeing the verbal part…

Spot the errors :  gawd , that’s where we made more errors
Reading comprehension , We ‘re reading , but time was hastily freezing.
Sentence completion : Even life is incomplete . It’s after all a sentence . Chuck it
Jumbled : Sorry , We ‘re already fumbled  !

It went on !!
Time was moving
But not us !
We wished we could really make everything work out .
We wished we could undo every moment and start from the beginning..
But end came…
faster than subsiding fame !
Bells rang….
We stared at each other’s face and smiled  “grapes gone buddy “
the classroom got emptied in five minutes .
We huddled in break room ,
Everyone was cracking jokes  .. of how they screwed their tests.
Geeks were cool , calm and composed ….
“Geetika “  I called .
“Yea !”she turned around  …
There was a confident smile sustaining in their lips.
And eyes were full of delight  !

“I think I don’t need to ask her further question …
That smile answers everything” I said to my friend leaning on wall …
“Leave it . She is into infy ! “
We’ll try next time !”
a friend tapped my shoulders from behind .

Time passed, and so was ppl’s worries .
My friends started opening their tiffin boxes and the jellies came out popping !
**”Sweets”**    -  Ritu smiled , opening her box .
We had fun , for the first time , after a fiasco !
Hell of laughter broke the silence of some hesitant , tensed ppl over there.
“Are you not afraid?” a little gal from my class , with whom I’ve never spoken asked.
“Come on. If not today , we’ll make tomorrow” I hi-fi ‘ed 
She along with her friend , sighed at me , and smiled “ya, u r right . I was all scared”
They joined us and started making themselves comfortable with us
I said to myself “Even if I don’t clear this, I’m not going to worry.
At least I made some ppl come out of ‘Im-so-feared’ zone !
At least I made them smile when they were damn tensed !

“It’s time for results “ the supervisor peeped  his head and went off to his room..

H-E-Y------ R-E-S-U-L-T ------A-A-A-M !!!!

Words hardly came out of my mouth….
 I was more occupied with fear and tension…..and  was literally gasping !
Only at that time I understood ,
We were asked to assemble at room no 308.
I was holding my friend’s hands tightly,… so tightly that my nails impressions got embedded on her.
I kept scratching the wooden desk with  both hands.
My fear was obvious to everyone around.
I was breathing fast and was looking around for ppl like me, everyone was busy with phones , ipods.
I knew I did it well…
but still…..
“What if , if I don’t clear this test?”
“God ! Other companies will have technical tests !  “
“I’ll surely screw them  ! “
“Oh no !! I’m gonna sit jobless for my entire life !”
“God, My dreams ! gone !”
Stupid and crazy imaginations kept fusillading my mind…
I pacified myself and calmed down.

The HR entered.
There was pure silence .
Pin drop silence.
When Everyone around was able to hear the clock tick , as seconds passed,
I heard my heart beats….
like dying beast…
I closed my eyes and prayed “God , Pls …Pls make it “
Sweat balls rolled down my face , my hand-key was already wet.
He noticed me,… my sitting posture, I was like , at the edge of seat in almost an about-to-fall state.
I raised my brows and saw his eyes,, just his eyes.. with more of tension and less of curiosity.

He gave  a warm smile.. and firm hand shake…,

“Welcome to Infosys “  my dear

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