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Mysore Life Update

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Global Education Centre,Infosys, Mysore

It has been days since I had written something , that’s  my real experience,
May be I should write about something , I had faced here , experienced ,,,here …or adulated ……here
May be About  the gurukul interview I attended @infosys …..
Or about the cute couples I admire in my class……
Or may be about the mother tongue influence I see “Often“ here J
Something that makes me feel guilty , even if my pronounciation is right….. especially when it comes to say letters like “h”.. in html
Ppl wonder whether they should call it  “etch ti  em yel “ ,,, like  calcutta guys
Or “Hutch ti em el “ like a few southis over here  ….
Whatever , there were days where we get clashed in this topic and had lots of fun….in this context….
Thanks to my cpy ,  for  bringing a few souls I never thought I’d my life

I must mention about a few friends I’ve met here ….
More from haryana, most of whose names has 5 letters in it , and starts with ’ ra’…..    rajat , raman, ragav……
Only god knows why those  ppl stick so much to it J
These haryana ppl… one thing I admire in them.
You wont know when they study , ..
You wont know when they glance slides… ..
All that you see in them is…… chat with friends, gossip , have utmost fun, and ramble around the campus at n8s…..
But still….
when it comes to exam,you will have their names listed at top…
“Geeks “……that’s how I call them
Especially ‘ rajat’……..
but still, he prefers the term “noob” … I donno why he’s like that…
But there is one thing that I have to accept “there is a lot that I’ve learnt from them”
My new pal, who gave the first thought to my thirst of life , – “DO WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO , NOT WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO “
That might seem simple…spark at the top….
But still…
I happened to realise the real pleasure in it,,only when I implemented it,,,
I must thank the one,,,,,for it….

A few friends from karnataka, who taught me kannada, and managed to hear , my poor kanada… when I spoke,,,,
Now if you ask me , I ‘ll say ’ how are you ‘ in bengali
M fine in hindi
And next line in kannda
Oriya,,,,, telugu….. etc ……………………….
Thanks to these souls who made my life real fun,,,,,
And made me smile
Or laugh out aloud….
When I forgot ,  how to
“just grin”
When I forgot , how to
“Make out”

Friends you make,
While standing in queues,
Those yu make
While asking routes,
And while sitting alone in food courts……
Are uncountable ….un countable….
I have to say….
Mysore DC,
Not just a place to “be”
Place to “FEEL”
Real love….. …..
Real friendship……
every other thing in’ real’ J
Experience the The taste of reality
In my vicinity J

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  1. aww.. this is such a beautiful post. I for one am a great sucker of friends. Loved this simple and crisp post.
    Your newest follower and a regular visitor now. Glad to have found you at Indiblogger.


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