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God’s own country

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That was a 3 floor building . Our dense window glasses ,oily old fans, grimy untouchable loft and screeching showcase doors everything remained as dusty as the heart and minds of ppl surrounding us. Neither we had time to look into those , nor we spoke of cleaning them all on some Xth day of our life .

Life went so busy like the crowded roads  of a hot metropolitan city, even though the roads here are not one …

Candid thoughts , if allowed to burst out, will obviously  take a different voice , different tone and difference content from what I've presented above …

Dumping out those old, philosophical serious thoughts of mind, I wish I could jot down a few pleasing scenarios this God’s Own Country gave me.. 

1)    What is more pleasing than a drizzle on a Monday morning ,on a day you’d feel so reluctant to even wake from bed. A tiny drizzle that drops out slightly, instead of fully drenching you, a not-so-wrenching-sun that smiles at you , as it draws out slender rays of warmth soothing you instantaneously  ….

2)    When you think life is too boring to carry out further , how will it be when you see an awesome lass crossing you ?? For sure , you’d feel a new life getting birth , when a scenario like this right goes in front of you….
Kerala- the Synonym of Beauty
Fabulous mallu gals in wet hair with water droplets falling like that of water fall, vivid moon like faces and dark murky kajal applied around the edge of their fish like eyes , in their famous-kerala-set-mundu will never fail to fascinate a desparate lad...
Guys must be too lucky to have ‘em 

3)    Cluster of coconuts hanging from tall trees , eye-soothing greenery,  fresh fields and other nature’s slight play. Evening breeze with your half dried salwars waving gently in air at the top floors..Most romantic moments in the million beaches surrounding your locality,, You’d have never thought , life would this super kool…. life would be this heavenly until you step into this little country sitting at the edge of South India…

4)    The silent backwaters of veli beach that makes oldies live their final few days in mirth and bliss…
The roaring and scaring saathan waves of sanku-mugam  beach that attracts most of the ITians out here and the meticulous times, little little smiles , weekly hangouts at the black sanded kovalam beach ……. Makes time worth spending

Little little things ‘d mean nothing when seen from distant and everything when peeped deep in……
Be it the sumptuous food ‘Onasadhya’ that keralites have at the time of onam, or the green world that the native mallus live in or the beautiful scenes, morning drizzles , late-night drenches,or
 coup-de-foudre guys with traditional gals, or the tempting banana chips that fills your hunger pot, and tasty coco waters that fills your thirst,
every single grain of happiness hides in the rain of this land,

A minute realization of this

-Makes ppl like me ,
Smile across miles,
-Makes us feel heaven even after hell lot of work……
What is more beautiful than being in a place like this….
What is more beautiful than sitting on Nature’s lap every minute….

***God’s own country***
Unleashing Nature’s Mystery!!!

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