Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 10:40 PM
Today I entered a highly crowded bus.The bus was overflowing with ppl from sub-urban areas.The Sultry weather and the hot noon bothered the ppl waiting for the bus.As Usual The first two seats were occupied by ppl who threw their possessions inside to ensure the place for them.A docile old lady and a young man, 30 were literally juxtaposed in the front seats.things seemed so calm,until a visually challenged person entered the scene.His appearance showed this monetary status.The young wrinkles in his face seemed an allegory. Unlike others,he didn't wear any special glasses.Just a stick before him showed the rest that he's one. Just like any other Indian guy he fought for a place.Though he was a blind,none minded his presence,.He cringed and crouched to the ppl around to give him a seat.That was heart melting,.Being noticed by none but The God himself, this blind man,mused and started this voyage with a poignant feel.His legs were literally stuttering and stammering .Inspite of being a young girl,it was hard for me and my peers to catch hold of the steel pillar of the bus,this man,somehow managed with one hand clinging to the dusty edges of a holder hanging from top, and another hand stickingg to his slippery stick.. what made the scenario even worse is,..the more miles e we crossed,,,the more ppl started getting down..But humanity was found in none.I felt I should rather call none as 'MAN'.
                   Hu are men??
                   He hu has the humanity in !
                   He hu knows the vitality of being one!!
                   But,Crap I Cud find None...
                   It's dying
                   It's crying..
                   The voice of unheard ...
                   The call of evil....
                   Is slowly emerging....
                   Sad, even Blindless go BLIND when
                   when such things happen!!

If you are human and if you are really proud of being one or you are one kind who lift their collars for being a proud man/woman , please help those who suffer like this ...
Little little things ,
Little little helps,
still it brings in
a mighty change in r hearts within & tiny grin to the sufferer in turn ...

And just like the video that I got from youtube , -
"If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own"

Help those in need !
Who knows?You may face the same someday indeed!!

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