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I'm searching in .... I'm searching for ....Still a lot more

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This part of my life is called " COLLEGE".
.Like every other school student who completes her school , and expects a lot in her so called college, I too had some expectaions, imaginations and virtual dreams that could keep me alive even know....
But I wasn't strong enough to accept the vice versa.
A place where you can recall the song lyric-
"Kuyila pudichu koondil adachu paada sollugira ulagam"
"Mayila pudichu kaaala udachu aada sollugira ulagam"
And I was all set to accept what was given, than what I wished to pursue.
Its quite natural to think such a thing of life as "FATE"
Seriously ,It s...
Wont you think like that , when you are pushed into sucha place at some point..
What but.....???
East or west home is the best !
And ,
Bringing heaven out of hell is a "Clever gal" 's approach
I was lik that (Jeez, Im not boasting,,)
Yea,,Although i was surrounded by solitude in that scorchy land, full of hot sand, and needle like trees standing for name sake ,something always kept me at "glee", and brought a smile every now and then..
and that was -
Those who reversed my life!!
Like I've reversed the word themself
Once they enter your life,
You will stop mourning , brooding , musing ,and all blah blahs...
A good adage comes to my mind while thinking about this !
"If you laugh really aloud...and If you talk spontaneously & If you don't care how your face looks like
 then you're probably with Real Frnz"

And in such a moment,
Finding serenity in the arena- is of no need
alacrity in the soul -is totally stupid ! for,
Even success will come uncalled , and 'll take you , straight to the destiny !! when ur with alteregos
  And this is how I tag it....
" Finding Oasis in a Desert"
Even though,trivial assignments set with close deadlines and Coerced seminars were stereotypic,
we found a lil way to enjoy coll life-
1.The fun of bunking classes  !!!!(which was not possible till second year end!)
by roaming at basket ball court straight under the hot sun
or by...............!!!
Yea !!
2.Hiding your face between the pages of your favo novel &  sleeping comfortably , in library !!
Until someone u dislike finds & chucks you out :-(
Glad such rules are not framed yet!!
there 's a way 3!!!
Guess what  ???!!
This is not something gals do....
3.It's sleeping on the top floor of any of those blocks..(where masons and painters sleep)...with the bag as pillow and zilch as blanket!!
Everything will go fine.............Until a Phantom comes!!!!!!!!!
"Who is that phantom!!!"

It is......... (*_*)

It's "Profs" ........
This post was last finished  back in 2011... that time I had paused at that (*_*)  part all of a sudden , cos I dint have courage to replace that space of dots to "Professor". For I was ~'Still'~ in the course of Engineering ......
But now , it has changed ... things is different now....
You dont have that 'Fear/Hesitation/
And I'm no more in that folder "SCE/Fourthyr/CSE/FirstRow/Nivedhitha_r"
They have shift+Delete d me and recreated at "Infy/RCL/J3/Nivedhitha_r"

Everything has changed,
Professors - to Project Managers
Classmates - to Colleagues
Assignments - to Projects
Last Date -to DeadLines
Canteen - to FoodCourts
and lot more....

Only one thing dint change ..
Only one thing is still there...
*I know, by now  I dont need to tell yo what is encrypted above...

I say - "Enough, Enough" for Food,Joy,Pain,Fate,doubts...
Only for this thing, I never say enuf..
I never say , I'm satisfied...

I'm searching in...
I'm searching for...
Still , a lot more

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