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Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids

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Omg!! Out of all the things that I miss today the best one is my hair…
I still remember the way mom used to braid it and the way every other classmate of mine stares at it with envy
It was a girls higher sec school , where you have to make twin braids every day and tie it upwards with a black ribbon. Cutting my hair short has become an unintended habit for me and my parents ever since my childhood days. The way they indicate me at school is , go to first floor , last room- 6th B. There is a gal with short hair, cropped hair that is more like a boy-cut. She is nivi. She is the one….Thats how they denote me…That’s how I gained name. When every other soul in that school sauntered  happily with lengthy hair touching their knees. I, the sad soul will not even have enough hair to clutch off while rubbing.

And if you look around , yes I’ll be the only one with that hairstyle. I still wonder if I should call it a hairstyle!! Gawd !! Whenever I see my juvenile pics , I would see strong, strangled hair that would stand straight like a frozen ice , like it just got a current shock …. Or sometimes like the hairstyle of childhood shalini. The one that was the famous hairstyle that time.

Days went by and finally my  hair grew up to a decent level like then I can’t make tiny tiny plaits  out of it. Probably two to three levels and not more than that., Still it meant a lot to me cos  once you had a hair which you can’t even turn back and touch and now are making oiled braids –that’s something to be proud of . And that’s how I was…as well…And mom used to keep so much oil to make it shiny and soft…. So shiny like you can see the face like you see on mirror… and soo soft , like at one point when she plaits my hair and goes a little off to take  rubber band for tie it off- everything braided will go loose…free…the whole process being undone. It’ll go unwinded and the next minute I’ll be there with loose hair. For one second if they leave my hair untied it’ll be back to the original position., position from where you actually started.

Damn it !! man!!! Sooo much of patience they need to keep my hair in a proper state..  For mommy managing me was much easier than managing my hair J

They used to call my hair with different names
1. Irumbu kambi (iron wire)
2. kattu kambi (Binding wire )
3. katta mudi (wooden hair)

And the name does explain the texture…
Everyday it’d be so difficult for mom to plait my hair. Either it’ll flow like it happened above , or I have to tie it myself some way . But there are leaders in school who check for badges, Id cards,  uniforms and this thing as well. They’ll check,
1.Whether you have put twin braids
2.Whether it’s tied up
3. And whether all these are done with black ribbon ….
Zzzz…. I’d fail at point 2 itself !!! I’ll tie the hair somehow while starting from home. I do all sort of sticking, stacking, adjustments and alangaarams just to make the braid sit in place.

But by the time I reach my school after that two kms walk, it’ll be half gone.
Hanging strips ,Withered fragments, unwinded strand- This would be the state.
Thing needed to fix cluttered braids in state :
1.      Two jothika clips (please google this) at front to lock your forelocks so that you don’t get diverted when your mam teaches in class
2.      Two clutches at back to catch the hair that one pulls and safely parks behind their ear     
3.      Rubber band to tie it at end
4.      Hair Band to control the hair flying atop , to control hair falling on your face….
Sometimes you don’t have to or you shouldn’t use the 4th accessory , coz it might scare your boyfriend like you find those funny chinese gifs on google
Yes .. It needs sooo much of accessories to keep it calm…

Either it should be calm
Or made calm …….

Whilst former can only happen by nature by genes – which is not really under our control , the later can always be made possible provided you are ready to afford any wild amount for your hair…

At School time:
Me : Mom keep some more oil , some more, even more……
aan…yea now it’s shining… !!!
Fine !!!!!!    [*brags*]
Mom : Wonder god knows why you are soo crazy about keeping oil…..
Me : Awhhhhh !!! Yea….. I know… I’m going to play outside..
[Outside while playing]
Me : Hey see na…See my hair….. So silky, so soft , touch it…… See If I have kept soo much oil….. It looks so shiny now …. [Brags so much for that two rupee oil lingering on head for that thirty minutes]

At College time:
Mom : Nivi, keep some oil , please a little, a little , atleast a drop……………….
Ssssshhhh !!!!
Me : Mom , No … No…..No……how can one keep oil and go outside…shhiiiiiii….I can’t…
Gawd !!! Time has changed everything … From the way I take it till the way I perceive it..
but one thing hasn’t changed yet……….
That’s the texture of my hair…. The softness… The silky state.....
I really loved my hair.. I still adore it. Every evening when I come from office, the first thing I do is -Comb my hair…
I comb at left.
I comb at right…
I swirl and spin like washing machine ….

I watch around.
As I stamp on the poor ground…

I stare at the glare mirror.
I stare at the forelocks in rear…
Because I’m crazy about my hair,
When I make it sit in pair ...
History of myself changes with time..
But there is one thing that would ever stay prime…
With a drop of shampoo sitting like slime……..
It’s a thing a sublime…..
That spots in & out in the light of lime…
And that’s nothing but my hair intertwined
that’s what I still use to regime,
the world of rime…………
with a sense of rhyme !!!!!!!!!!
Love the hair that crowns you,
Love the ppl who drown you ,
Love the clown in you ,
Love the soul afore you….
Like you love the best things around you….
Just like
Dove Split Ends Rescue System………….
The best thing for the best soul !!!!

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