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True patashala

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Every crazy peck sitting in this world, be it your buddies at work ,  or the ones studying college, or other married souls ,
If asked - "How special was your past? " or
"What is the most beautiful thing of your life that you 'd to cherish still?"
the answer would be
"School Days"
The best part of one's life...
Where everything good gets embedded in your tender skin
and everything bad vapours out like flash in pan.
A Place every teacher becomes ur Second parent & strives to bring the best out of you.
"Savitri Vidyasala Hindu Girls Higher Seconday School, Trichy"
I can't and I can never erase this part of life , cos embedded in my heart.
I still remember the first day I entered SVS for 6th std Entrance examination. I strove my best to make it. I prayed Gods that I must clear the examination successfully, and if not SVS, I will wait for one more year. Yes. That awesome...That good...It's worth a wait.
If I take my diary and scan the good olden pages , I'm sure i'll have more than what is presented below .
"Savitri Vidyasala - The synonym for True Patashaala"

Teachers :
I never missed my mom when I was into school. I rather missed my teachers when I was back home…
SVS teachers – I’ll say they are 
“As responsible as father .
As affectionate as a mother .
Just to make you as perfect as a genius and as intelligent as an octopus .”
I still remember the way my teachers taught . .
6th std – When I told I’m weak in geometry , my mam sat and taught how to draw a concentric circle even after the entire school left.
12th std – When I was stuck with “Integral and derivatives” , my mam called and taught fully on how to solve, where to start , where to stop. And I was 99% in Maths that year .(1% tagged under my carelessness)
7 years !!!
It’s been 7 years with SVS .
Still I’m seeing the same kind of dedication & commitments. Speechless. Their responsibilities are enhancing . Their efforts to bring the best out of a student are simply stupendous.
I admire them for what they are - they are true to their roles . Dedicated to their commitments.
Bagging loads of ranks , name , fame for the past 75 years is not a simple thing. It was not just an easy path for SVS to attain a name of what it is today…
Behind every successful man is a woman.
Behind every successful woman is a school like SVS.
I truly adore my school. I truly respect it for what it has given me today .

Ambience :
They just say ‘ Schools are like temples ‘ for namesake . But I experienced it at SVS.  The very entrance with our Founder’s vignette .  The grounds that are as big as stadium .Plenty of trees that stand as tall as giant, all around bringing out a cool & fresh ambience even in a hot city like Trichy. ..
Studying was never a difficult thing for us in a peaceful environment like SVS.  An environment that was congenial and conducive to our temperament .

Extra-Curricular : 
What not was learnt there…Everything was taught…. Everything was learnt……..
Thanks to svs.
I learnt BasketBall , I grabbed a medal at school.
I learnt Hockey , It helped me win a crucial match at college.
Wherever  I go , I find myself highly indebted to my school….
(The best thing one can ever do their  school is -
Not promoting, nor giving money for upgrading .
It is – Some day in future , when somebody says you are a perfect soul and ur brought up well, You must think of my school for a second
If you do that without being said, it’s more than enough. It’s worth a million…
I think .
Do you?)

Today I'm happy to pen down these little but valuable things from my cube at Infosys .

To all the teachers who stood at difficult times and helped us in reaching our destinations – “We’re highly indebted to you. It’s with your blessings that we are all happy today. A word ‘Thanks’ is not enough to express our gratitude. We wish to be in your roles in our next birth and fulfill these debts”

Seven years with one sole institution...
It's not just a school...
It's much more....
SVS - "It Shapes your life  & Makes the best out of you !!

If I get an opportunity to go back to the place I love the most , It’d be my school………… J J J

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