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Little Happy Moments

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Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness
To Coca-Cola, happiness is anything that brings a smile to your face! It's about adding a dose of refreshment, brightness & cheer to the lives of people who love it.

Little things that makes me happy -

It’s one life with equal proportion of happiness and sadness . The optimists laugh at the problems and pessimists worry upon the missed opportunities . And!!!! to proliferate your happiness , all you have to do is- just remind yourself of what a happy moment is ! And here is my little tiny moments of happiness , I LOVE rejoicing

1)      Moment you come back home after a hectic week and get to meet the
“WWWWWWHHHHOOOOOLEE “ of your family ? that too on a festive occasion like Diwali or Pongal :-P Double Damakka !!!

2)      Getting out of a bad situation and grabbing your favorite  ice cream from nearby store and continuously licking the layers of it  , as you sit in a corner bike and ponder upon that stupid thoughts sticking to your mind :-p

3)      Stealing the BIGGGGGGGG Teddy Bear of your roommate and talking with it , caressing it , and loving it like it is one Helllllla Baby!!!

4)      Pretending like you do not remember your friend’s bday, but making an awesome blast at night 12 o clock in her house with hella partyyy !!!!!

5)      Pleading your friends and somehow getting the good old seasons of vampire diaries so you adore each & every reaction of Damon Salvatore !!! :-*  *_*

6)      Dressing like a good girl ( in traditional wear like saree or salwar ) when you are with Clan . Extra effects – having jasmine flower on your plaited hair :-p

Remembering and Reminding your siblings of the good old times of your childhood  and mock at them for their stupidest acts :)

8)      Becoming  friends with people who is not of your age :-p and enjoying all their little subtle talks about stuffs that are totally random

9)      Touching the stomach of your pregnant sister and feeling the joyous kick of her fetus inside !!

10)  Slipping on a watery area and checking whether any one has seen you :-p , then go forward to dust that dirt off your seat !

11)  Encountering an untied dog in road, while you are walking alone and praying every God that it should NOT bite you or chase you !!!

12)  Getting friend request from someone special and rejoicing and cherishing it by continuously starring at it and not accepting it :-p

13)  Sauntering in a park/beach on a Sunday evening with your favorite book  in hand

14)  Riding alone in your conveyance on an early morning of winter season and stopping by the sea shore :-p

15)  Sipping the last drop of your favorite drink and starring at the nearby person consuming the same :-p #ReverseDishEnvy

Life is one Godddammmm Amazing Thing !!!
So, Let’s Cherish it , Rejoice it , and Cling on to the BEST OF MOMENTSSSS  that brings a smile to our face , adds a dose of refreshment , and brings resplendent colors to our life !! Cheers!

Because , Today’s moments are Tomorrow’s reminiscences !!

Let’s Get Lost in it and Collect Lots of It!!!!!

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