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Start A New Life

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How refreshing is the very thought of Starting a New Life !!

It’s like drinking your hot coffee on a Saturday morning !
Or Cuddling your new born baby to cherish his warmth!

But it’s refreshing , No matter what ;)
May be you are 18 or you are 80, but age doesn’t matter when ‘#StartingANewLife’ is your soul’s desperate  scream! 

I was desperate too…. Until March 22,2012

3 years ago :

Ever found a lazy dumbass girl who is so reluctant to move an inch, to get her plates, or to keep her coffee mug after drinking, or to take her own books from her shelf?  Well that sounds more like me. 

I was one god-awful princess resting calm in my place, with just one magical scream that would bring every thing to my door step.

And there she would appear, my lovely sweet mother! Giving everything I wanted, and cajoling & cosseting me like always.
Of course they do scold, but after they scold, they would get me what I wanted,they would warn, but they would also ensure, I received what I asked for.
Princess I was, with those two people, with those two magical words - 
“Amma, Appa”, and I can enjoy heaven at my place.

And being a Day scholar to college didn’t discourage me coz it increased the duration of my lovely little comfort zone! Four years at college, ran like cherry diving to melt ice-cream, it vanished before I could vanquish something, & I finished my college before I could realize and remember when I actually started it.
And there was a lucky charm gift for me at the end of College – I got placed in a reputed IT firm. And I every time I would remind myself of it , I would tell myself, I’m no more a kid , now I’m a responsible woman , only to end up in a laughter on that very imagination.I packed my stuffs, got ready for the new world at Mysore, to explore the new things out there& to catch few new buddies. But more than the excitation of going to a new place, I had a sense of fear creeping over my soul. The fear that shook me from top to bottom! Because, it said, from now I have to take care of myself and I’m my SOLE Responsibility. 

But the 6 month training in Mysore that treated me like another princess, vanished that thought and uprooted my fear. I was under the assumption – “Life is all cool, I don’t need to worry about anything!” Cox that’s how Mysore treated me. I didn’t know Life is not all Rainbows and sunshine, sometimes it’s a pain in @$$, other times it’s too tougher to take forward.

But I came to know that, after the not-so-good summer - March 22, 2012 

The day we stepped to God’s Own Country. 
Trivandrum,the Capital City of Kerala! The Ultimate southern Tip of India! That’s where I got posted after my Mysore Training.

"India ends here, but my Life Began here."

Trichy home was heaven; Mysore room was dreamland. Real challenge began when I was let out to a city to find a house for my own ,  in a place where I knew no language than my own. With a cluster of ppl like me I researched entire Trivandrum in a feeble attempt to find one home, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK I checked everything from top to bottom. Phone call over phone call, I pestered my mom for every second & annoyed my dad when he was at work. 

Room is small? Call Dad. Room is Big? Call Dad.
“Paani aa raha hai.? Mummy ko call karo
Paani nahi aa raha hai.? Fir se Mummy ko call karo :-p “

Few Days passed and I learnt how much I was besetting my parents. I turned my mobile off, I rambled across colonies, sauntered in streets and finally found one good room of my interest. A House near railway station just like my Trichy house, one close to office and also circumscribed by full greenery , jack fruit trees, greenery,etc. In one sentence – “Typical Kerala house” . I clicked a photo of it and called my dad – “Dad I got a house !”

So, the lazy dumbass that wouldn’t move an inch for herself, rolled herself all over the city in want of one house. She fought her laziness , She learnt things . Things she wouldn’t have known if she had not moved out of her house once. If she had not fought her comfort zone once. It all started coz I left my old self , and stood ready to #StartANewLife.

Though there were other difficulties I met on the way , like – When I was all satiated that my work is over once I find a good house, new problem shoot up. i.e. Walking in night back to home. I never imagined that would be a big problem than it actually seemed. It doesn’t matter if you are spiritual or not, but the moment you get out of bus and start walking towards your house , before you cross the two lefts, and one rights to reach your place you would pray every single God ! Shiva, Ganesha, Jesus, Allah, Buddha , etc. You would crave to God that you should get home safe!

Coz the world is dark by then,
And the stares of ppl are no more envious , but dubious !

And Coz you are that one little sassy girl who walked in streets tightly catching hold of your Dad’s hands , and now have to walk alone in street.
So you need to learn to protect yourself.
First few days I stammered , then I tried to get companions next few days I got umbrellas, you have no idea how it can work , but everything works when you are ready to vanquish fear. But Days etched me, etched me to someone real, practical , someone ready to face the ugly world.

I learnt a lot … I learnt to choose!
From which path to choose at which time, till which man to be ignored and which has to be observed.

I learnt to be brave when needed and calm when required.
It’s the Trivandrum days that shaped me.

And if I hadn’t come out of my home once , I wouldn’t have learnt these.
To be the self-dependant , more independent woman , the hideous world looks for.
And the change began coz I left my old self , and stood ready to #StartANewLife.

I moved onto places then after , but never worried what would happen , coz I knew I can take care ! I moved to Chennai after 3 years . But one thing is true and common about all these . Every place I visited taught me something! Something cool . Something real , that’s very much  needed for life!

Mysore made me cool and asked me to take things on chin !
Trivandrum made me responsible, it told me ‘Take Care of yourself, Else you’ll be left behind”
Chennai made me rude . It asked me to be self-centered and focus on getting things done.

I thought staying inside comfort zone is happiness, but only when I moved out I learnt -
“Happiness is not in enclosing yourself  to that little shelter!
It’s in empowering yourself to the new world !”

If your parents had taught you 50%, know for yourself, the remaining 50 % comes from self-learning . It’s wont be taught by your sisters or brothers or friends, nor by your husband , the remaining 50% is the real intelligence , coz it comes from self-learning .

So if you had been that little girl  I once was,
And now you DESPARATLY want to be that audacious woman,
#StartTheNewLife you always wanted to
And the choose the journey you had always dreamt of!
Coz it’s your living , You have to live it the best.
Break the walls and Set the wings
Coz It’s time to fly, my fellow women!
And It’s time to #StartANewLife, my fellow chums!
*Happy Housing *_* Happy Living *

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