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Crashhh the Crash Diet

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Whilst they say nutrition is important , there are ppl among us

They say nutrition is important, they say health is important. But in the world that runs goddam fast, with the ppl who spin in it like second hand in clock , paying meticulous attention to nutrition can hardly be expected . We want everything quick , real quick , like a two minute Noodles, even if we know it has a harm in it.

And to the ppl who weigh b’w balanced healthy diet and compromised crash diet, Here is my humble say .

Chennai , Ashok Nagar.

His name was Aarav. 17 years 2 months 28 days to be peculiar

Being a Day Scholar and Being the only son of his parents comforted him to the max only until he took the lame decision of skipping his breakfast to reduce some of his weight

That was cox of his poor calculation.

 “If I eat three times a day, I would gain ‘X’ amount weight, so if  I miss a part of the meal, I would gain less weight and apparently I would get lean”

“So which one you gonna skip?”

“Preferably Breakfast!! So I can sleep some more time and also eat heavy breakfast!!”

"Seriously ? And you don't even think that's insane Aarav ??? Lemme tell you ! That could be the stupidest decision of all  " Mona, Aarav's elder sister peeped in , tapping his hard head

But Aarav, adamant like most of us , stayed hard in his decision , as a result , from next morning , he woke late, from 7 it became 11, he would skip his breakfast and directly jump to his motor bike , to get fast to his college . On his way he would feel ravenous cos of the long 8 hour fast the last night, but he would eventually ignore it cox he don’t want to accept his defeat even to the slightest

He missed his morning tiffins and in turn started consuming heavy foods at noon like Chicken , Briyani, Full Course Meal, etc. It changed his eating style slowly , and after a period of time, his lunch time also was getting far, it went to 3 pm , till 4 pm , and his dinner would be at night 11 pm.
His mom and sister who noticed all this , couldn’t do anything about the dogmatic Aarav and except suggest him to change it all.

But things only worsened since then, as

Times when he had breakfast , became his sleeping time then
Times he had lunch , became his smoking time ,
And Times he had dinner , became his drinking time

And most of all, He was less physically active than his buddies . 
He couldn’t engage in sports coz he wasn’t well fit. 
He couldn’t engage in his studies as well , as his health was getting poor.
His exams were at stake and he had to skip them too, as he fell ill with sickness soon then.

Had Aarav taken the decision on having a compromised balanced diet , than make a plan like skipping food, his goal would have been achieved .

Being slim is different from Being Thin
Being slim says , you are still healthy
While Being thin , gets u the worse look , health, and course

There are ppl who are even more crazy , that they infect themselves with tapeworm. No wonder ppl are getting real crazy when they get with the utter aim of losing weight .

Exclusively take Doctor approved Crash diets like one mentioned in below link  :

And if you want to choose balanced diet , try

Crash diets might work, but they are fully dangerous . Next time you are one of those who want to take diet , make sure you fully consult and take a thourugh analysis via doc, or media or ppl who have incorporated it , and but make sure it’s a balanced diet.

And when you incorporate all your methodologies make sure you also try consuming Honey Diet  to Stay Fit and Stay young .  Cos there is no sweeter alternative than soothing your taste buds while still sufficing the body and soul.

This post is created for an awareness on diet - Crash diet and Balanced Diet . 

To see more info in it check the below sites

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