Thursday, February 18, 2016

Maturity and Independence- The Unborn siblings

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 8:57 PM

"Seriously!" That's the word that crept in mind when someone shared this image as forward in Whatsapp
Does maturity mean not waiting to impress anyone and waiting for someone to impress you??
Does the latter sound like real goddam maturity? That if u see one such guy you would run amok and catch his hand , kiss it, before it slips??
No. That's not called maturity.
That's called desperation.

Maturity is all about being independent.
It's about not giving a hell about anybody in this world and living your own life .
It's - not waiting for anyone
It's just you and yourself living that strong life.
Not that you're going to die single. But just being immune even when you know the most beautiful girl in world out there  is waiting for you , for your love.
Maturity is not giving a damn about her either. Not trying to talk with her cox she's beautiful. Not trying to befriend her cox she's lovely .
Maturity is letting the time do the magic.
It's about holding yourself. About being not so rigid nor so flexible.
It is still sometime  one day you get to fall for her, not coz she's beautiful . But coz you've figured out who she's inside and knew she is the one for you.
And then give the Goddam goddamnly love you've been holding so far.
Open up to the love of your life.
It' all just wraps up to one thing in the end.
Maturity and Independence are siblings
Or probably twins ,
Who kicked 'desperation' long before their birth.

"No soul shall hold the privilege to call oneself independent or matured till then!"

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