Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reading with nature ?? No, I'm reading the nature !!

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Every morning used to begin with a little walking on the terrace with  a minute or sometimes heavy book , clinging to my hand. . , even on days when rain drenches the entire roof forcing the stones to imbibe the water. Droplets of water wil get onto stones quicker than  subject could enter brain. :) :-) What is the big deal here is holding your concentration! Especially when scenic beauty clutters your mind off,,
 you can't hold . . . Nor help yourself from falling a prey to the  temptation of nature. . . .


1.The moment I see green parrots flying beneath  the clouds, & suddenly flock to my shoulders. Goose flesh (Horripilation) rises up on my hand,,& eventually book slips off my fingers. .
2. Moment I feel the zephyr of early morning mixed with equal amount of sun rays,,
  refraining me from freezing out :
I stretch my hands out ,,
cuddle the air and
kiss the mist,
Just like I kiss a baby...
It's like -I just can't think of anything else,,, 

the moment I fall in luv with nature.

And one thing none can deny is - This nature is unique in one way or other :) For, 
I'm falling in luv with it, again and again . .
Every morning,
every evening,
and everytime it touches me as rain ,
everytime it tempts me as breeze and
every other time it taunts me as a sunny noon:-)
mesmerizing me like anything else. . . .

Nature , it's hypnotizing....
It's grabbing not only my attention. . . .
But the entire soul of mine,faster than an adonis could:)
When such a damsel dances in my front,
How could I still stick my eyes to a drab book.. ,
And that's how , I threw every book of mine the very moment, I see nature :)
Reading with nature could be inspiring , for  freshness will occupy every cell of your soul,
and alacrity raises to unimaginable heights...
But reading with nature 
will end up 
to reading the nature itself....!!
Just like I Do !!
 Just like I Do !!
May be it's the same case
 for you too.... !!
Tell me ...
Am I True ??

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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


  1. great post nivedita! we all love nature cos nature jus loves us back! it takes us completely to a different place, where birds chirp = songs, trees n clouds move around = dance wowww!! when m alone, i jus spend time looking up da sky, down da trees!! btw, great song!


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