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Christmas - The Synonym of Celebration !

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‘It’s Christmas!’ A mail banged my already flooded mailbox which is when I actually realized “The Xmas season has begun”
And I wondered “when was the last time I celebrated Christmas”
Was it the time when I was 5 and made a stage show , dressing like mother Mary holding the little Jesus in my hand
Or Was it the time when I enjoyed that sumptuous Christmas dinner in my Dad’s school in my Standard VIII and came out of that dinner hall with extreme consummation and slightly wishing I was a Christian to enjoy one such meal forever
Or was it the time when I made entry to Trivandrum and got a chance to be a part of all Christmas fun from making Christmas tree  with little little decors till decorating all our cubicles with Christmas dolls and enjoying that fun…..
I was unsure when it started , but every year I kept celebrating without my knowledge :)
It was special ...

@Home : 

When the neighbors who celebrate Christmas come and knock your door and you wish it to be a Plum Cake and the next neighbor rings the bell, you wish it to be Black forest cake despite you know the former is the most distributed one. And then when the next neighbor comes you imagine another flavor in mind , which is when your mumma comes and asks whether you are gonna keep some bakery or something for you to imagine so many flavors and for you to be such a dying  Cake Maniac. You stop noticing who is actually coming to your house for the only thing that your eyes could see in that time is that neatly packed cover in their hand and the tempting aroma coming from those puffy cakes. You stand aside like Tom hiding behind wall and then running surreptitiously to catch Jerry. You just sneak in and hella open that cake box and witness all the flavors you had imagined in mind and wanted to taste all day… You Just forget all those diet and calorie stuffs for you think a sacrifice on one day isn’t gonna much harm to you or your health.
You enjoy each and every piece of it like it was entirely designed for you and just you, as if the baker had kept you in mind while baking that cake to the degree, to that taste , to that texture.
You enjoy all this without knowing as you are doing all this, you are becoming a part of the celebration :) :)


You get to buy all the Christmas decorating items and trees, and bells, stars, and decorate your cubicle like you don’t belong to that place , like their exist no computers , no managers , no colleagues , it’s just you and your Disney land , you decorate in whatever way you want , how much ever you want and if you want you can also creep to the neighboring cubicles and decorate theirs as well. You make the entire wing of your block appear like Christmas themed mini park, where employees turn to Santa Claus , Chris moms,  Chris Child, and fellow ppl all of whom , who enjoy that wonderful day with you.

@Nostalgia : 

You remember the good old days where you think about the times when you had dressed like mother Mary in your LKG and held the little Jesus doll in hand and blinked your eyes as the fairies and angels kept circling you with Christmas song, you know it’s such a good time for you, for 20 years has passed and you still feel that day like it happened yesterday and you feel each and every moment of it , from the time they gave to the velveteen blue frock till the time they changed it to the light blue frock ( the one in image) and gave you a tuft of haystack with Jesus doll in it and you wondered whether they had given it to you as doll for you to not cry that time and then got to understand you were enacting the role of a mother… that day…. 20 years gone, ,,, still feels like yesterday… it's so imbibed in your soul that you never get to forget it ...that’s what make you feel special … to be that , to do that role-play and to become a part of it so you never forget it …

From a KinderGarden stage to the day I was in std VIII
From the first time a neighbor entered till the time I had own cubicles and decorated them
Or the times I enjoyed those fabulous dinner nights
Christmas has always been an innate part of my life…. 

"If celebrating a wonderful day is one happiness..
Rejoicing memories of it from past is another happiness."
And I’m glad to have both….

When Christmas Bells Toll, you gotta Toll your Memoir Bells tooo !!! 
So With this Christmas , let’s have more of fun, enjoy each part of it, have lots of memories , have lots of cherish-able moments ,  

So when we look back tomorrow , we have a lot of remember and Cherish !!!

It's Christmas Eve! 
Let's celebrate the togetherness !
Wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year!!

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