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India Needs ! India Hopes !

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"Sat crooked in my usual seat until an uncomfortable thought crept to my mind post hearing the very common discussion b/w two young women juxtaposing me in office, which made me steal a pen imminently and jot the emerging thoughts in a jiffy before they could escape an elusive mind"
Our Country Needs Women Who Can Talk About National Issues
And Not Complain About Her Neighbors
Women Who Can Talk About Her Country Than About Her House Problems!
Who Cares About Business And Not Just About Her Perfunctory Chores
Who Knows More About The World Than About Her Family
Who Knows She Is Not Just Meant For A Kitchen , But For Much More
Who Knows She Needs To Change The World , And Not Just Her Family And Children
Who Knows She Can Think Rationally, Intellectually , Optimistically
And Doesn’t Need To Die Out With Lack Of Food For Thought
Who Can Catch The World In One Hand And Still Weightless On Her Soul.
Women Who Can't  Be Controlled With Her Excessive Pride And Abundant Confidence
Women Whom Not Only Men Can Love , But The World Can Adore And Claim Her Ownership.
Where She Doesn’t Need To Seek For Love, Die With Expectation, Run For Life
But Be The Love Giver, Cherish As A Free Soul And Live Her Life And Set Path For Others To Live Their Lives Too
Where She Doesn’t Fall To Be An Exception
But Stand As Great Example.
Where She Sets The Path And Leads The World!
Where She Doesn’t Know Her Limits And Only Knows Her Aims.
Where She Knows Herself And The World Around.
India Needs One Such Woman.
And India Doesn’t Think Such Women Are Not Possible
But It Hopes That One Day Women Would Be Born Where This and Just This would be Their Default Character
Where They Do Things Men Can Do And Also Things Men Can’t Do
And Still Don’t Feel Any Proud About It For Realizing That, This Is How They Should Have Been Long While.
India Hopes!
India Needs!
Women of This Sort !! !

#Empowerindia #HopeOnesuchwomen



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