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That was a Tuesday morning; her nokia phone on wooden table seemed blinking with new text. She unlocked and opened the msg.
It read-- "I'LL B CMNG TO C U TIS EVNG! ! "
Before her eye took a wink, her heart dumped in mysterious sea of curiosity, expelled virtually &danced in ecstasy!
With her feet fleeting in air, she was on cloud nine :-)
It was Ankrit, her one and only-Special one.
The word special itself means a lot to her..
Ankrit, a young Adonis , lil childish, lil responsible, and more practical...
A mixture of everything she expects, in a right proportion.
Never her stubborn heart imagined she could fall head over heels for him..., until that night came !!

27th of May [ Coupe de foudre !! ]

The hands on the huge clock touched 12.,sounds of which echoed till the graveyard end.
It was a midnight. Trees were slowly withering their yellow leaves...Dogs howl that was the usual rhythm, of that area. Got replaced by a mellifluous voice. For a moment ,Ankrit thought ,there is a problem with his ears or the dog must have done something .But his guesses went in vain. Slowly, he strolled towards the window to move those curtains away.
As no soul seemed sauntering across the street, he slept back.
But a whispered voice reached his ears from the behind.
An angel in white dress and flying hair appeared before him.
She was standing on the chill floor ..
 With her tender feet touching the white, face-reflecting tiles , she went near him , bare footedly,,.
He was lying like a babe..
With her soft eyelids nictating in mirth she lifted his head in hand and rested on her beautiful ravishing lap..
That dinky look ,she took, jostled him virtually.
His lustrous moon like face with no marks, and thick brows with ring clinging on it, a cute & short French beard., and tuft of forelocks , ameliorated his beauty.
 He looked like an Adonis almost !!!
His soft and puffy hair danced in unison as she rubbed them off..
Cotton curtains of his room waved sinuously when a heavy wind blew from seashore, .
Hustling her hand into a glass of cold water , she sprinkled some onto his face..
Before the last droplet ran down his face, his glued eyes opened up.
He opened his eyes, partially and patiently.
With her very presence in vicinity, he smiled in glee.
 His hands over her soft face., touching her worried brows, thin eyelids mollycoddling her eyes, wheatish chin and the rosy  petal above it.
She blushed and pushed his hands away :)
Yet, he kept chasing into another room..
Room after room! Finally She stood smiling at him,gasping ,with her hands folded!!
He went closer to her, unfolding her hands, pulling her near,
wishing for a warm hug..
But ,With the last touch ,
She vanished !!He came back to senses!
It was a rainy day.
When a drop jotted itself on the red dairy she had left for him...he took them in hands.
And read -their past. Beautiful past.

Everything was a dream!
Goosebumps dozed off.!
His fingers were no more on her face
They were on brittle pages!!
His lips were not on her head
They were on the words.!!
Past can pass,
But the amorphous amour
of her  
'll ever stay fresh !!She stood near the curtains and kissed him a goodbye..
Flying back to heaven!
He whispered- 

" A Lovely vampire !!!
 Once my lovable wife !"

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