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Its not mere Electronic gadget. Its You !

Posted By: Nivedhitha - 8:06 AM
I wanna know something about the reader of this post.Are you Indolent?Enthusiastic?apathetic?Neutral?
Everyone has their own way of answering
,and their own way of understanding things .
I’ can visit your locality and enquire about your in and out.
Some one might think moving with a person ,personally, will do the job !
But don you think they are all monotonous approach and time consuming??
They are!
The unique approach taken by Dell and Indiblogger joining hands together
-to bring out the inner us,
-to present the world around us with beautiful words , ,
through the contest – What your electronicgadgets tell about you?
Is ever worth appreciating !
& This post goes for that!  

“ Every gal Is married to a mobile before she is married to a man !!” 
A Truth none can deny.
And so me!

ME and MobilE:

It started with Life’s Good ,
tried and got tired with  Micromax,
and finally ended with
cozy but not costly-Nokia!

 Four years went in this way , experiencing my life with such gadgets…
You might think I’m going to say about my LG,MM,or Nokia.
But that’s wrong.
Instead. I’ve a question for you!!
Is there a difference between mobile and us??

Like my Palpitation when someone pokes me
Exists its Vibration when someone pings !!
My face glows , getting a mail from a special person
It’s face blushes while receiving a sms!!
Like I Lose energy, toiling round the clock
It exhausts,working for entire day !!
When my spirits go low, I Shout,” MOMMM, I’m TIRED !”
Silently My mobile screams,”BATTERY LOW!”
As a gal,
I wear various hats
Daughter, sister, friend !!
And see,
Ek Mobile
Anekh Roop!!
My CAM , when I need snaps
My iPod , for my music mania
& My browser,when I surf!!

Lovable dad feeds me so much that my stomach’d burst with the next spoon
and I muse,”DADD!!Enough !My stomach is full!”
And my nokia warns,” Battery Full! Save Energy!”
Life goes in this way
With no difference between me and my mobile!
At the end of life,
My health wanes away,
In air !
With wrinkles all over,
Slowly I die,
And I reach Graveyard!
Just like that,
Meri pretty ,little mobile
Loses it guarantee, warranty
And so its lustre
& finally reaches garbage!
With parts withered!!
Gadgets are one among us
They are not separate entities!

Love them !!
Live with them!
This post is for the contest “Change is easy” by DELL Inspiron and Indiblogger!
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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


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