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After making this post , I had a confusion in mind!
How to entitle this ??
Whether -
“The power of Synergism !!”
“Time to wake your soul”
Or one word -
that is the meaning
for every living !!
“Anna hazare!”

Yes!! It’s Anna Hazare I’m speaking about!!
And he. . . . . . . .
is not Anna as you think !!
He’s someone else
Someone who reminded us of what freedom is !!
Someone Who finally gifted us with the power of thinking
And he ….
As My instinct often tells ,
the Mahatma Gandhi of this generation
You can call it,-  a rebirth of Mr.Gandhi
Or simply Mahatma Gandhi Version 2

I’m saying Anna as Mahatma Gandhi
Because of more than one reason!!
Reason 1: I never thought entire Asia will come united for one old man whose voice hardly reaches a person in rear…

But Mr.Hazare made it happen!!!
Reason 2: It’s not something that takes place everywhere.   
-Juveniles who play hide& seek,        

-Teens who stick to mobile phones,

-Adults who roam around movie theatres,       

 -& Seniles who are about to push daisies                                                                                                  
 Are getting together…for one reason!
And the reason is ‘a man’!!
I wonder whether the man has a reason behind him or
the reason stands by the words of the man!!

Reason 3: Marina beach that was flooded by lovers once , is now fusilladed by Anti-Corruption Team!!!

It's all because of one man!!!
This support is not bcoz he’s sitting in the centre of India (Delhi) and shouting for us!
But coz he’s living in the centre of our heart and Striving for us,!!!!
Even at the age of 74!

And today evening when I typed the word Mahatma Gandhi, in Microsoft word, it capitalized ‘M and G’ and corrected
the spelling mistakes I made, automatically !!
That shows even computers are updated with ‘Names’ of great men like him!!
And I’m sure , a day will come where -
the same thing will happen for Anna Hazare! &
Whatever Mr.Hazare struggled for will come true!!!

That won't happen with the absence of synergism!!
Until you give voice for the nation you cant get what you need!!
I'm not asking you to stand alone in a big crowd and cry for your rights!!
But atleast give support for the voice that strives for you!
Well, I can express my thoughts better in my mother tongue-
Kaththu endru unai na ketkavillai
Unakaga alum jeevanukku kural kuda endru than ketkiren

Hazarre is here
to shatter the Bizarre!!
Come united!
Come with your power & Give your voice!
 As a Young Indian I feel proud and  energetic,.....
  to wish you Happy Anna-dependence day!!

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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


  1. Ha ha... Anna-dependence day!! NICE thought.. I agree about all that is said, but one thing i'm Cynical about is, After the drafting and implementation of the janlokpal bill, Will it help INDIA?? Will it stop corruption Completely which has taken Deep Roots in our country?? Won't u bribe someone, if u want a work to be processed faster?? Won't we elect the same freaks again in the next election... (with freaks i mean politicians, whether BJP or Congress or left or right).. Aren't they all the same?? I'm in complete support of the Great man and i hope he is successful in this endeavor.. ( may be i'll write about it in my blog... ;) )

  2. Nice post... People are still debating whether they should support Anna or not..some says there is no use, because India is in last stage of corruption. WHile some are positive about this movement and think even if 10% of corruption goes down, they are choice is ours.

    Few days back even I wrote a post on Jan Lokpal bill...have a look at it

  3. Gr8 one sis... :)
    Anna Hazare..!!! Zindabad...!! :D

    We can find the change which we expect to see in this world...!! :)


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