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Is there a difference between Nature & Gal ?

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So, Till date in this blog  we've made many different comparisons, gadgets and gals.... exceptions & examples....etc,where we'll be unwinding the subtle differences between them with a splash of poetry..
Here Is another go !!
This evening as  I stepped out of my home, down the stairs,round the gates ,I found a little drizzle falling on my hands... like that of my blissful tears...A thought creeped in my mind , and I wished to give those thoughts a fleeting life with my words ......
And here it stands - as 68th blog post !
Enjoy reading it,
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The day we used to call sunny and bright are almost gone.
Cause its time for her-the rain!!
The girl whose eyes got moist by the harsh and hot words of her dear sun.that made her cry and cry& cry till her life ends..
the state that every gal gets into.the unbearable wrds of dear ones -the weird rays of sun
the unusual responses from our soul-the extreme hotness of sun
The stupidity of the rain and the gals is they pour out them !! A heavy downpour.When every tom,dick,harry enjoys the rain I swear there could atleast be one gal in the corner of the world thinking of the horrible state
 of this rain.....
Glance beyond the truth,Glance beyond what's real and try exploring- what is in the IN ??
The rain came splashing and puddling the beautiful roads.
the tears came out, pouring them off she stood ther in the road side , wiping her eyes and specs off
there came her soul, catchin her in his arms he stood there , embracing him ,she poured off again in happiness
For a rain,te same at times it comes to satiate it ppl,embracing them in happiness.
at times it comes to punish them off .
when the lifeless rain cud dare to revenge on her ppl
a gal never ever thinks for the one who made her cry. who shattered her dreams,who eschewd her.
Aren't they noble in one way or the other.
thnk not they are powerless or worthless to tke a step against the deadly source.

It their pure heart , love &patience they have by default tht keeps them at such a pleasant place of life.
Love them,live with them:):)

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  1. Really superb lines.tamil laiyum ippadi eluthunga romba nalla irukum


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