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Its just a six letter word that ll seem very simple for every soul in this world
but to say the truth that is the hardest thing one can ever accept in his life.
Sometimes change brings glee (happiness).
Sometimes it creates melee(confusion) where one ll think change is worser than death
The strength of a man lies not in developing a six pack by going to gym regularly.....Nor by fighting with ten men as a single soul .....
The Real strength Comes from his ability to accept the change and acclimatize to it..........
Just like a respiration process,
it lies in every walk of your life..
A infant will say
*jumping from my mother's womb to this materialistic world -as change
A little boy might call
*going to school at the age of change
And young gal might muse change as
*getting married and moving to a new house....
I'd define-
Transformation from college life to corporate life as Change !!!
Wherever it goes ,,finally it ends up at a single point -that's new destiny!
  I'm not feared of dark...
  -I'm feared of what is there in dark...!!??
  I'm not feared of  moving with new persons....
  -I'm feared of being rejected....

Just like that ,
Ppl are not feared of change ...but are feared wat will happen after that change..
their new world...
Starting from "Who moved my cheese?" till "7 habits" written by Stephen covey....everything speaks of change and management of that change...

                  Im not going to say, Change management is a structured approach to shifting individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.BUT IT'S
                         Who You were?

                       & How yu gonna accept -Who you'll be !!      (Keep it simple silly)

                    Sow the seeds of change deep in your soul
                    And be ready to accept the NEW YOU !!



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Nivedhitha is an avid blogger , writer and poet who has published lots of articles in various online magazines and sites. She is soft engineer by profession and believes writing is a way to unleash one's creativity


  1. Very well put... :) It is Who u are and who u'll be after the change... :)


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