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Two Years with Infosys- Two States with Life !

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I knew this day would come .
But I wasn't aware it would be so close...
The Cliche "It seems like it was just yesterday!" has resounded in my ears more than once !
Still, It's true.
 It seems it was just yesterday,...
I was asking the examiner "Excuse me ,,what is the time?" when i was ticking the answers of few verbal questions on wild guess!
"10 mins more!" he reminded
I reckon I remember the no. of questions I had and how much tensed I was then !
Life had no hopes by that time !
By heaven's goodness we all entered Infosys ...
Me , buddies there at Mysore  !
If awesomeness would be designed and defined properly at one place , its - Mysore life....
Crazy stuffs , Life went through plenty of changes ....
6 months training out there went like flash on pan !
Days ran faster ...Before we could recollect on what we were taught, the final exams came .... half of our friends left Mysore by that time as they got their posting locations ....
Fasttrack- Normal Track differentiated us lesser than cultures of ppl out there!
Millions of friends !
When someone waves hand at you , you would wave back , but you wouldn't even remember when you met them first.....  Life was filled with soooo much of energy & zeal then!
I could still feel the difference between "Me@Mysore" and "CurrentMe"
Never knew what was so special about Infy,Mysore ..Still special in its own way..
Like the caption says ...Mysore DC- the place to be !
That's when something unexpected gave it's unsolicited call.
It was yet another cool day ... Morning was so wonderful than ever before.
Me and my friend kirthi were slowly sauntering in Campus Roads towards GEC 2 (Global Education Centre , Mysore Campus) for #SWIPEIN !
That was the time we were keenly waiting for our posting results !
The tensed season :-p
Today - Tomorrow- Day after tomorrow ??
Aaj - kal - parsom ? 
We kept our fingers crossed longer than we thought !
Kirthi stopped me for a second and looked seriously - "I knew I might sound weird , or extremely assuming. But, I want to put forth this question.......What iffff ....... What if ,if we are placed in Trivandrum DC?" No one is known !Unknown place..unknown ppl.... new language....what if ...." She looked puzzled and continued to ask more
Me : "Ehh...Noooooo way!!! We all would definitely get Chennai ! No doubt in that ...Just ..... Just chuck  your worse assumptions..."
I said with 200% confidence.. The confidence reflected in my face and there was not even an iota of doubt that I might get some other DC by worst possibilities . Bcos somehow I strongly reckoned we had 0.5 % probability to get those weird choices...
In fact we never ever gave it a thought again....
I repeated " All of us are gonna get Chennai and we gonna to have heaven lots of fun !!! You get that? " I looked onto her closely and seriously .
"Yeah, perfectly ! I get that" She peered vacantly  as she moved on.
But that day !!
around 10 am...

Posting Results came !!
Eveyone was so keen and excited !
The guy next me pulled his chair off and screamed " Yieeeaaa !!!Pune DC !!!!! I got Pune DC!!!" 
His screams reflected through the walls spreading out more fear a midst us.
Our tension went to unimaginable summits .....
Screen loaded.....90% 95%.... slowly.....
and there it appeared
Employee Name : Nivedhitha
Posting Unit : RCLIVS
Posted Location : Trivandrum

Ehhhhhh !!!
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt !!!! Meee??
I rubbed my eyes off again and again !
Tvm???Its really Tvm????
I was the only one from my college to get Trivandrum !!
Every single person from my college Got Chennai !!
Just me here !! woooooooooooooooooooffff!
Difficult ! Pathetic ! Yet unavoidable...

We had to take the spirit sometime.... take a hard choice...
Hmm....that was the time.... Like biting a bitter pill, I had to go there , pack my stuffs and enter that Guruvayur Express that I never thought I'd get into..
Bundles , baggages , boxes....all packed with hidden worries ..... and frustrations....
A pill is bitter when bitten , but when enters your stomach, it does the purpose....
Things are that way .... Hard at first , and fruitful as they proceed...
And me who was so reluctant to step into Tvm once is now triply reluctant to step out of Tvm...
Chennai - Pune - Mangalore Offers denied are lot more...
It's small ..But sweet...
God's own country has her hands enriched with greenery....
From ppl to place, it is sweet in every way ....
Atleast I'm ready for another choice, but my other friends have asked to search for a groom at Trivandrum , so that they get settled here...
It's a small state , still its the only place that is called a separate country . God's own country.,
The country that ppl hardly speak of ...But badly in need of .........once they plug into it...
Just like mysore, this place has keenly cleanly taken us off..
We are lying on this mother's lap staying deaf to other's calls...
After all, who will dislike a place like kerala....
Trinfy DC.... A small world where you can have large group of friends ...
Goodness retained...
It two years with Infy !!
It's Too Good With Trinfy !!!

Loving it ! Living it!

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